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Download these FREE handouts for your child or young person’s teacher or trusted adult at school/college to help them understand what survival states look like in the school/college environment and what they can do to help ground them and subsequently improve their learning.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Please email me to receive either of these as FREE high resolution handouts or powerpoint presentations.

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Download below this FREE Whole Class Happy Pack. Filled with practical, easy, free grounding ideas for the whole class so all children can feel safe and happy at school and subsequently improve their learning, behaviour and relationships.

Please email me to receive this as FREE high resolution handout.

This ‘Whole Class Happy Pack’ is designed to be used in conjunction with
‘What Survival Looks Like At School which can be found above’


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It is a pleasure to create and share these free resources for anyone who finds them helpful. If you are happy and able to, please feel free to donate any amount you feel they are worth so I can continue to make and provide as many free resources as possible for people who have no access to support. Thank you and please continue to download these for free if you would rather not donate.